The Turning Point is Now

As a sector, nonprofit leadership is at a crucial crossroads: do we continue on our organisations’ solo missions in an isolated and uncoordinated fashion, or do we decide to develop co-designed, coordinated solutions with peers, to ensure quality services for South Africans in a sustainable manner?

At Impumelelo, we believe in the value of our bespoke Master Classes, where we encourage collaboration, co-designed solutions, broad cross-sectoral engagement and knowledge sharing. The goal is to catalyse innovation and grow impact in communities. If we truly wish to transform communities, it is crucial that we provide change makers with a deep understanding of social and systemic challenges. However, it is just as vital to introduce them to the various existing solutions and innovations and to coordinate the missions of these change makers. Over the years of unearthing innovative solutions through our Social Innovations Awards, we have developed a deep understanding of what sparks innovation.

The nonprofit sector is at the frontline of coming up with creative and innovative solutions as a response to the many systemic issues they deal with in the communities they serve. Recognised as crucial in service delivery across all sectors, it surely is the sector with the biggest impact on the well-being of humanity across the globe.

Unfortunately, innovation is not always enough. Through our awards, we have unearthed an endless plethora of social innovations, but we still see that they struggle to reach sustainability and to scale or replicate these innovations. The disastrous truth is that we all work in silos and we have not realised the value of co-designed solutions and the shared economy. We focus on OUR mission, OUR impact and OUR funding. So what will the outcome be for OUR clients when we combine all the missions, impact, resources, skills and funding where possible?

With our current nonprofit donor dependency crisis, combined with ever-changing social and economic landscapes, stressful workloads, and a daily increase in demand, the nonprofit sector is unpredictable and unsustainable. Should there ever come a day where the nonprofit sector implodes due to financial unsustainability, the effects will be detrimental to communities they serve, because they are the lifeline to many. For this reason, leadership should explore new opportunities, negotiate partnerships and think of sustainable measures to ensure a healthier and financially stable sector.

In order to ensure effectiveness, resiliency and sustainability, Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre’s mission is to encourage collaboration and capacity building in social innovation. Through rigorous evaluations and an annual awards programme, we understand the benchmarks of what is required for social innovation to be successful. These innovations are readily available and our work allows us to disseminate, scale and replicate models of excellence. 18 Years of experience in social innovation has gained us expert knowledge in capacity building, sustainability management, and social impact measurement. We further offer bespoke Master Classes that encourage our network to share knowledge, while co-creating and developing innovative, cross-sectoral, systemic solutions.

Our work strengthens the capacity, effectiveness and impact of the sector, ultimately leading to a fundamental change in the African nonprofit sector’s sustainability.

Contact us now to offer your solutions and to participate in the co-designed revolution we call sustainable social innovation.