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Master Class Training

Master Class Training

Impumelelo’s Master Classes are unique training opportunities where award-winners train their peers to replicate their success story in sectors such as Early Childhood Development, Education in Maths & Science, Food Security, Water & Sanitation, HIV/AIDS, Health-Care, etc.

The Master Classes target Policy-makers, Public Managers, Elected Officials, CSO leaders, and community leaders.

Since 2005, Impumelelo has been moving around the country with our social innovations award-winners to train others to replicate models of best practice. Our  Masterclasses are demand-driven and target public and private sector managers, policy makers, elected officials and civic leaders.

Workshops have already been conducted in the following sectors: Rural Development, two on HIV/AIDS, two on the Environment (which includes Sanitation & Waste management, and Water), two on Skills Development & Employment, Housing, and Public Works.

Increasingly Impumelelo is taking these best practice workshops into provinces and specific local govertment departments. Our most recent example being the Eastern Cape workshop in 2012 where we took award-winners in Sanitation & Waste Management, Housing and Water.

1. Create communities of best practice

We bring together urban and rural award-winning projects from different sectors to, not only teach, but to learn from each other’s best practice models as well.

2. Foster a de-politicised space

Free from ideology, our Masterclasses facilitates discussion and debates about implementation methodologies for successful project management.

3. Create platforms that facilitates peer-to-peer training

Our Masterclasses bring together project managers, who are the backbone of innovative service delivery at the coalface of development, and local government officials, heads of departments, counsellors, and community leaders.

4. Can be Customised

Request a Masterclass and we’ll customise one for any province, sector, government department or organisation.



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