Impumelelo Up to the Challenge

For almost two decades Impumelelo has restored citizen confidence and trust in the role civil society and local government plays in service delivery. We recognise, celebrate and encourage replication of the best social innovations South Africa has to offer. Through our awards programme, case study research and master class training, we have unleashed a plethora of innovations. These innovations are not only recognised on our awards stage, but also as national and international best practice models.

The Impumelelo Social Innovations Awards programme established itself as a major tool for promoting transformative impact in communities and the non-profit sector. We have awarded in excess of R12 million to disseminate and replicate these innovative ideas and to promote effective governance and service delivery by creating a shared platform for combined expertise and resources of government, civil society and the corporate sector.

Innovation has become a condition of survival and the challenge in maintaining influence and vitality, is to have an ingrained habit of dramatic self-improvement and reinvention. And Impumelelo is up to the challenge. In 2018, we will highlight, celebrate and seed our own innovation opportunities.

The Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre’s awards programme focuses on the three R’s: Recognition, Replication and Research. We acknowledge the important role research and analytics play in the identification and replication of innovations. Since inception, Impumelelo has developed a database, which represents a vast range of innovations. Our database of award-winning projects has generated a wealth of valuable data.

In the coming year, we will align our strategy to harness our research and data to provide newly positioned product offerings to NPOs and businesses alike. Impumelelo will offer services largely related to Monitoring and Evaluation, and current services such as the awards programme, master classes and case studies will be refined.

We will unlock unique value propositions to the South African social investment community and we invite you, our trusted partners, to take up this challenge with us!